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brugh family | winter family session in southwest virginia

If you know me + Jason personally, then you know we’re a little snobby about our coffee.  And our little town, sadly, went several years without a good local coffee shop – until this hip new place popped up a few years ago within walking distance of our house!  Their roasts were SO good (they roast their own blends in-house!), they are locally-owned and run, and they quickly became our fave little shop any time we needed a pick-me-up (not to mention theirs is the only coffee we drink at home!).  Plus, the origin story of the shop name is one of my faves – their last name is Brugh (pronounced like “brew”) – so the shop is Brugh Coffee Roastery & Brew Lab.  It was meant to be, wouldn’t you say?  (And yes, that is absolutely a shameless plug to promote the shop – because I’ll never be ashamed of supporting a fellow small business owner!)

Because we were in there so much (and because my husband never meets a stranger), we ended up on a first-name basis with the owner and his wife – and we’ve shared a little bit of our lives with each other over the last couple of years.  They welcomed their baby girl, Tillie, into the world just before Jason and I found out we were pregnant with Caleb, and it was so fun to be able to hear about their pregnancy and new parenthood experiences as we were just entering that season in our own lives, too!

Fast forward a year, and I was thrilled when they chose to allow me to capture a family session for them!!  Y’all, it is seriously such an honor when a fellow small business owner asks me to serve their own family, and I’m so grateful every time I get that kind of opportunity!  Now, some might call Cassie + Luke extra brave for choosing a December session date with a one-year-old, but can I just say that that decision totally has its perks??  For one thing, sunset is super early in December so the chances of a session interfering with bedtime are low.  Also, winter landscapes tend to have more muted colors that can be really soft and beautiful!  And lastly, y’all, winter light is totally a thing and IT. IS. GORGEOUS!  If you don’t believe me, let me show you – enjoy my faves from the Brugh family’s winter session!
Love this next shot of Cassie and her baby girl!
Aaaaand this next one of Tillie with her daddy is another fave!
I’m kind of obsessed with this next shot of Cassie!  You are beautiful, my friend!
We’d talked ahead of time about the fact that with littles around Tillie’s age, we may or may not get a second outfit in – sometimes they’re just done after one outfit, and that’s okay!  And I know when Tillie didn’t nap the afternoon of our session, Cassie had to be bracing for a meltdown sooner rather than later.  (I mean, I would’ve been if it had been my little guy!)  But Tillie did SO GOOD!  She was still going strong all the way to that buttery golden minutes-before-sunset light, and I’m SO in love with the images we captured in their second outfits!!!
Y’all, this LIGHT!!!  (Also, I’m pretty obsessed with these outfits, so I’m glad we were able to take a full round of images in them!!)
We got so many great family shots of all three of them, but this next one is definitely one of my top faves!  Love Tillie’s sweet smile!!
Love, love, love this next shot!
Cassie, Luke, thank you for choosing to trust me with this season of your lives!  I had the best time with y’all and your sweet Tillie girl!
  1. Kenita Brugh says:

    These are fabulous! You captured such wonderful images. Thank you!


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