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emily + brad | anniversary session at claytor lake


Y’all, I love it so much when friends trust me with their photos!  It’s such an honor (and SO. MUCH. FUN.) every time, and Emily + Brad are a perfect example of that!  We met through our church small group (YAY for church small groups and the sweet friends they bring into your life!!) and these two are always a joy to be around – quick to laugh, quick to jump in when someone needs help, and always up for an adventure.  So when Emily reached out to me about an anniversary session, I knew without a doubt that we were going to have so much fun together! Aaaand we most definitely did.  We got to catch up on life, love on their sweet pup Mila, and honor the years they’ve spent together, and it was just a dream!

They got on my calendar super early (like, I think we reserved their date back in August!) so they could snatch up one of the peak dates for fall leaves!  And for real y’all, those fall leaves at Claytor Lake were showing off for them!  AND they were blessed with the best of both worlds when it came to our light – glowy sunshine at first, followed by cloud cover that looked so soft and wispy over the water!  Also, Mila was a total angel for the camera and it was amazing!  SO many great shots with her!

Y’all, enjoy my faves of my sweet friends and their pup!!!  (Starting with two of my top faves – I love this next shot of all three of them, AND this solo shot of Emily!  So stinkin’ cute!)


I loved the little pop of floral print in the tie of Mila’s bandana!


Love this sweet forehead kiss …


I love these solo shots of each of them!


Okay, I can’t even with this next one with Mila … SO stinking cute!


The crazy part about the light changing from sunny to cloudy was that it happened just at the same time they changed outfits!  And it honestly worked out perfectly, because the cloud cover is what allowed us to shoot in the direction of the water – so we were able to get a lot of variety when it came to the backgrounds we shot with!

This next one on the right is SUCH a fave of mine!!


I loved shooting in front of this big willow tree!!

I love this shot of Mila!!  She looks so happy!


And I have to end with one of my fave family photos!  Did I mention Mila did SO good for the camera??


Emily, Brad, thank you for trusting me to capture this season of your lives!  I had a blast with y’all (and with Mila!) and I’m so glad we were able to do this together!!


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