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#lifewithteamrickards : caleb’s nursery


Okay, now this is kind of turning into a challenge – how many personal photos of ours can I blog before this little guy decides he’s ready for life on the outside??  Hahaha!  (This comment probably makes more sense if you saw that I just blogged our maternity session two days ago!)

But seriously, if you had told me three weeks ago that I would be blogging our nursery FOUR days after our due date because our kid still hadn’t decided he was ready to leave the womb yet … I don’t know if I would have believed you! 🤣  I know, I know – it’s totally (statistically-speaking) normal for first-time mamas to go a full week past their due date.  But I’m telling y’all, I just thought for sure our little Caleb Ray would be here by now!  But since he isn’t, at least I get to show off his cute little room while it is perfectly put together (because it may never be this pristine again, am I right, mamas??)!

This probably won’t surprise many of y’all (especially if you know me well), but I definitely started looking at nursery decor the. very. weekend. we found out that we were having a boy!  (Okay, honestly, I had already scoped out both the little boy nursery decor and the little girl nursery decor at Hobby Lobby before we found out, so I kiiiiind of already had a direction in mind either way!)

There were a few things I knew I wanted/needed to do in our little boy’s nursery:

(1)  I knew I didn’t want it to be overly theme-driven, but I did want a few accessories that gave subtle nods to adventuring and the outdoors (because if this kid is anything like his daddy, he is going to LOVE a good adventure outdoors);

(2)  I wanted the decor to be mature enough to grow with him;

(3) I wanted to balance a clean, neutral background with hues of blue throughout the textiles;

(4) I wanted it to be organized well so that everything has a place; and

(5) I had to do it in a space that’s about 12′ x 7′, only has 3 actual walls, and isn’t even technically a bedroom!  (In fact, this space used to be my home office – until we purged our entire upstairs at the beginning of the year and moved my office into our guest bedroom to make room for a nursery!  If you’re interested in a little before-and-after look at those spaces, you can check out my “nesting” story highlight over on instagram!)

And if I’m being honest?  I don’t think I could be happier with how it turned out!  And I am SUPER duper excited to share it with y’all on the blog today!

This “boys were made for adventure” sign was the very first piece of decor I got for the nursery!  And this hand-made patchwork quilt with scriptures on it might be Jason’s very favorite shower gift that we got!  He absolutely loves it!

boys-were-made-for-adventure-baby-boy-nursery mountain-shelves-in-baby-boy-nursery

I had the crib (technically, a mini-crib, because this is such a small space!) and the dresser picked out before we actually knew whether baby bear was a boy or a girl – because I knew I wanted white furniture, and I love how gender neutral and classic this “farmhouse” line from Delta Children was!

Also, fun fact – this little bookshelf (up next on the left) was mine when I was a little girl!


I knew I really wanted some sort of monogrammed wall art, and I am so, so obsessed with this one I got from this Etsy shop!  (We stained it to match the “boys were made for adventure” sign, which was such a good decision because I love that they match now!)


Lions have special significance to Jason, and one day he came home from running errands in Roanoke and said to me “I got something for Caleb today!” – it was the first time he had picked anything out for our little guy all by himself, and it was this sweet little lion blanket (in this next shot on the right) … “for my little lion,” he said.



Have I mentioned I reeeally wanted this space to not just be cute, but functional?!  I wanted to make sure it was organized and that I was smart with the limited space I had to work with!  Having a wall-mounted diaper changing station was an idea I’d found on Pinterest that I thought was a really good idea for our space.


Alsoooo, drawer dividers are my very best friend.  (I’ll try to remember to link the ones I purchased from Amazon at the end of this post!)


I love the subtle texture and soft hues of blue in the curtains I found (at Target, of course)!

Y’all … all. the. heart eyes. for the 3D sonogram we got at 22 weeks.  It makes me SO excited to see this little face in real life soon!!! 😍😍😍



There is an itty bitty closet in this space (and it’s currently full of diapers! #winning) so one of the ways I maximized its storage capacity was with an over-the-door fabric shoe rack to hold all of our extra sheets, swaddle blankets, burp cloths, and a few miscellaneous items that didn’t fit in the dresser.


Also, SO obsessed with this arrow curtain rod!


Aaaaand Mona decided she should get to make an appearance in this post … haha!  I hope she still wants to spend time in here, even when she has to share me with Caleb!

In case you were wondering … yes, these adorable little sweater overalls (up next on the right) are for our newborn photos … here’s hoping he doesn’t come out too big for them, because OH MY GOSH how cute are they?!


My bestie got me this book – “The Day God Made You” – and y’all, it brings tears to my eyes every time I read it!  I’d like to blame that on pregnancy hormones, but honestly, I have a feeling it’ll still happen when I read it to our little buddy even when I’m not pregnant anymore!


Technically, these next two photos aren’t really nursery photos – but I wanted to include them because they are probably the last bump photos I’ll take with my pro camera, and I do love that we were able to take them in the nursery once it was finished!

So for posterity, here’s little Caleb Ray inside mama’s belly at 37 weeks!


As usual, if you’ve stuck with me all the way to the end of this post, THANK YOU!  I so enjoy sharing little bits of our life here on the blog, and I hope that you enjoy following along!

p.s. in case you’re interested in knowing where I sourced our nursery decor, here are a few quick links:

from Target | the glider, mini crib, dresser, curtains, plush stuffed animals (the owl, bear, and fox), gray-and-white striped rope bin (aka laundry hamper!), and the blue tassel blanket + “i love you” blanket

from Amazon | Sweet Jojo Designs coordinating bedding (mini crib sheet, changing pad cover + blanket), keepsake sonogram frame, wire storage bins for the diaper changing station, drawer organizer bins (these, these, and these) and over-the-door closet storage organizer

from Hobby Lobby | “boys were made for adventure” wall art, mountain wall shelves, and arrow wall art

from Kirkland’s | blanket ladder

from the 48HourMonogram shop on Etsy | caleb’s name wall art above his crib

from Crafts by Monica | caleb’s personalized name disc (+ matching milestone discs for each month of his first year!)


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