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#lifewithteamrickards : baby rickards is a …

Since the week we found out we were pregnant, we have been anxiously awaiting the day that we’d know whether we’re expecting a boy or a girl!  I, especially, have been looking forward to the day when I could start to plan nursery decor and add cute little baby clothes to our registry!!!  We ultimately would love at least one girl and one boy to make our family complete, so honestly we knew we would be happy either way with this first little babe of ours – but the knowing makes things much more real, and it’s also a big planning milestone if you’re like us and want to use pinks for a girl’s nursery / wardrobe, and blue for a boy’s.

We actually had our gender ultrasound the day before we took these photos – and Jason and I didn’t peek in the envelope before photo time!  So we technically had the answer in our possession a full 24 hours before we actually found out!  Which made it more fun to me – the night we had our ultrasound (aka the night before we knew we would find out what baby was!) I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve.  Soooo excited to see what I would get the next day!  Haha!  (In full transparency, though, I don’t think the wait was as fun for Jason – he has a harder time waiting for big surprises than I do, so I think the suspense may have been more stressful than fun for him.  Sorry, boo!  Thanks for going along with it, anyways!)

We started with a few warm-up portraits with our mixed pink + blue balloons, just to build the suspense a liiiittle more (bless my husband).

A lot of my family had been pulling for a girl (girls are SO outnumbered on my side of the fam!) and SO many of our friends said they felt like it was a girl, but Jason and I both felt from the beginning like this baby was going to be our little boy … did everyone else know something we didn’t, or do mama + daddy have a special sense about these things??

We trusted two women very close to us with peeking in the envelope while we were taking our first few photos, so by this time they already knew if baby Rickards was a boy or a girl!  (And they had their confetti cannons ready to go for the big moment!)

I honestly don’t even remember who counted to three, but someone counted “1, 2, 3…” and then I heard the POP of the cannons and looked to my left to see what color confetti was streaming towards us!


The moment we could *see* the confetti but it hadn’t completely registered in my mind yet…

Then it registered … baby Rickards is a BOY!

(And I’m just saying right now that I hope he comes out looking like a mini-me of his daddy!)

I love how excited Jason looks in this next one … fave!

And then, of course, in true Lindsey fashion, I felt a few happy tears welling up…  because this is our little BOY!

#realtalk … I didn’t always have a strong desire to have a son (I’ve dreamed of having a little girl since I was old enough to think about being a mama), BUT over the last 10 years, that has completely changed.  I totally still want a little girl too (some day!), but the longer I’ve been married to this amazing guy, the stronger my desire for a little boy has grown.  I’ve found myself countless times day dreaming of a little boy running around our house – one that looks just like Jason, and has his charm and his wit and his fearlessness and his determination.  And in less than six months, Lord willing, I’ll be holding that little handful in my arms!  😉

I LOVE this next moment Kaitlyn snatched of these women, so, so dear to our hearts, who did the honors of popping the confetti and revealing the big surprise!

The whole crew who joined us for the big moment (complete with my dad on facebook messenger video!):

This next one on the left is one of my faves!

I have been telling everyone who’s asked that I’m not really showing yet … because I really didn’t think that I was!  However, this next photo has me questioning whether I have been lying to those people… haha!  It’s itty bitty but I’m preeeetty sure there’s a bump there!  Would you agree, or am I imagining it??

Love this next one, too!

Y’all, thank you for sharing this season of life with us … the amount of love and excitement we’ve been shown since we announced our pregnancy has just been the sweetest blessing, and we’re so grateful for each and every one of you!


  1. Sarah Sommers says:

    You’re so beautiful and adorable! And yes, the bump is there. 🙂 So excited for you! Boys are fun and definitely keep you in your toes.

  2. Brenda Chunik says:

    Congratulations! Please keep us informed where you are registered and address for packages to be sent. I’m so excited for you!

  3. Sarah says:

    YaY!! Finally another boy to add to the group! Boys are so much fun. So happy for you guys. And you do look so beautiful 💙

  4. Joyce says:

    LOVE this! What a fun and precious moment 💙❤️. I was honored to shoot off one of the confetti cannons. Glad we both did it right and at the same time! I think it was Kaitlyn who did the countdown! Anyway, you had me all ready again with your post. I can’t wait to meet my sweet little grandson! Love you all so much!!

    • Lindsey Rickards says:

      You both did great at your confetti cannon jobs!! 😉 And I can’t wait for you to meet him, too!!! LOVE YOU!

  5. Liana Carter Pivirotto says:

    How absolutely wonderful, a little boy! I will be a GREAT Aunt, of course!! Terrific news he has the BEST parents!

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