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french family | sophisticated family session at virginia tech


So I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to say it again:  there’s something so, so special about getting to photograph my friends (and their littles).  Maybe it’s because I’m privy to the more intimate details of my friends’ lives and their stories, so I have a deeper understanding of the significance of their images.  Maybe it’s because it’s so easy to forget that I’m actually doing my job when I’m spending an evening with friends in front of my camera (because it just doesn’t feel like work at all).  Whatever the reasons, it is such a privilege to get to document and celebrate my friends’ marriages and I’m convinced it’s something I’ll never get tired of doing!

Ashleigh + Aaron have been married 9 years (exactly 9 years, today!), and although we had many mutual friends for many of those years, it really wasn’t until the last 2-3 years that Jason and I have had the privilege of getting to know these two (and their daughter, Addy) on a deeper level.  And I’m so, so glad we’ve had that opportunity!  They have an incredible testimony of hope and of redemption, and being able to share life with them (and their Addy girl) these last few years has been such a joy.  They’re two of the smartest and hardest working people I know, and they’re also the kinds of friends who will do whatever they can to help you out in a pinch.  And y’all, I know I’m biased, but goodness they sure do have one of the sweetest, smartest, happiest little girls.  She’s her daddy’s princess and she’s a little ray of sunshine wherever she goes, and it was SO FUN getting to capture that on camera!  (Also, I’m not going to lie, we got quite a few romantic portraits of Ash + Aaron that had me swooning while I edited!)  But I guess you’d like to see those for yourself, am I right?  😉

I’m SO excited to share my faves from Ashleigh, Aaron, and Addy’s stunner of a family session on the Virginia Tech campus!


I LOVE capturing twirling shots when there’s a full-length dress involved, and it’s normal for me to have the couple do a slow-motion practice twirl or two, just to get the hang of it.  I completely forgot Ash was a ballerina for years, so she really didn’t need any practice twirls.  She twirled around so quickly and so gracefully (and I love all the motion in her dress!), and I got SO many pretty twirling shots!


Also, can we stop for a second to notice how perfectly Addy’s dress coordinated with the lavender/pink color of the flowers in Ashleigh’s dress?!?  I absolutely loved how well-coordinated their outfits were!!


I’m legitimately obsessed with all of the images I got of just Ash + Aaron together, but this next one on the right?  It’s one of my career faves.  I love how classy they look in her black cocktail dress + his suit, and I LOVE how romantic this moment feels.


Good grief, this next photo of Ash on the right.  I CAN’T EVEN.  You are so gorgeous, my friend!


After Aaron twirled his lovely bride a few times, I asked him to twirl his little princess and these images are SO stinkin’ cute!  I feel like they capture the relationship between these two so perfectly.  <3


I can’t even with this kid.  How stinking cute is she???


I just couldn’t resist grabbing a few epic wide shots in front of Burruss Hall and I love this next one of Ash + Aaron!


Love, love, love this next shot of Addy twirling in her pink dress!


Can you tell I’m just a little obsessed with these portraits of Ash on the stairs in front of Burruss??  They are just SO classy + timeless!


Aaron cleans up pretty well too… 😉


HEAVENS … these two are stunning in black + white!


Y’all, I saved some of my absolute faves for the end!  I am seriously obsessed with these next few frames!


Ash, Aaron, thank you for asking me to capture this season for you.  It was the biggest honor, and it was SO much fun.  (And good GRIEF, y’all are amazing in front of the camera!)  I hope you have the happiest anniversary today, and many, many more to come.  We love y’all!

  1. Anne Stultz says:

    I’m Ashleigh’s mother & you abdolutely captured the love in this little family . Awesome pictures!!!

    • Lindsey Rickards says:

      Anne, I’m so glad that you love the photos and that you feel I captured the three of them well!! I’m grateful I get to call your daughter a friend, and I loved getting to capture these moments for them!

  2. Joyce says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! All 3 of them! I love the black and whites and the wide shots in front of burgess hall and really like the floral dress! The twirling pics of daughter and dad are precious! ❤️


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