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joyce wilson, realtor | small business brand session

OK, y’all, I know I’m biased, but isn’t my mama just the cutest?!?

#realtalk though: she’s also one of the smartest, sweetest, hardest-working people you’ll ever meet.  If you know any realtors, you know that they work HARD.  Their life is full of late nights, early mornings, entire days spent in the car, and juggling dozens of people/tasks/appointments on any given day.  And I can tell you with absolute certainty that this lady right here gives 110% every. single. day.  I can say that because I’ve seen her do it for over 18 years.  I’ve seen firsthand all of the work she puts in behind the scenes for her clients, and last week I got to capture a little glimpse of that on film.  (Okay, technically, on a digital memory card, but can we all agree that “on film” just sounds better?!)  It really worked out SO perfectly that she needed some new head shots, and wanted some fun behind-the-scenes images for her website and social media at exactly the same time I found myself wanting to expand my little business by offering behind-the-scenes sessions for other small business owners!  So, in case you’re wondering, YES this is a new type of session for me and YES I’m officially offering it to other small businesses (not just my mama! Haha!).

Without further adieu, I am SO excited to share my favorites from my mama’s small business session!!

We shot at the brand new EnTitle Settlement Services office in downtown Culpeper, and it was literally a natural-light photographer’s dream.  It’s in a super cute historic building right at the corner of one of the main intersections downtown, with huge windows that let in an abundance of natural light – and all neutral, off-white walls to keep things feeling bright and airy inside!

I love the images with her signs and her “real estate life.” tee!

Now, I’ve never been a real estate agent myself but I spent my teen years watching my mom do it, I worked for several years in real estate settlements, and then I spent almost 7 years in the mortgage industry working alongside realtors, and I’d venture to say that this next photo represents how quite a bit of a realtor’s time is spent:  juggling emails, digital paperwork, and phone calls, with a good cup of coffee nearby to keep them motivated!

When I was little, mom never drank coffee.  18+ years into real estate?  She drinks it every day – hahaha!

I love this next one, busy writing a note to one of her clients!

I’m basically obsessed with all of the head shots we took during mom’s session but this next one is my MOST favorite one!

Mom, thank you for always being my biggest cheerleader.  You have always supported my dreams and my goals and I’m glad I finally got to do a little something to support you and your business!  I loved getting to do this with you and I hope you LOVE your images!!!  I love you!


  1. Joyce Wilson says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Lindsey, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You did an amazing job even while getting rained on while I stayed dry under the buildings overhang! You’re such a great sport and an excellent photographer! How will I ever choose which images to use?? I love you! Thanks a million!

  2. Patricia Windsor says:

    Love all the pictures. Beautiful inside & out!

  3. Jeana says:

    Well Done Lindsey and Joyce!!! The pics are great and the person in them is too!!

  4. Joyce Light-Smith says:

    Very nicely done! Looking great Joyce!!!!

  5. Joyce Wilson says:


  6. Joyce is amazing ! I don’t know what I would have done without her in the most difficult times.. she is 110% dedicated to her clients and I am thankful to have met her !! Joyce I wish you continued success in all your future endeavors!

  7. These are super, Lindsey! And I agree, she is the cutest! (of course I am biased, too, but it is true!)

  8. Deanna Oxendine says:

    Absolutely stunning photo shoot!! I know who I will be contacting!! WOW!! Such talent!! You captured the essence of a REALTOR!! Love what you do and it shows!!

  9. Joyce Wilson says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind words! I love what I do and I’m glad that shows through these pics.

    Stephanie, I’m so glad we met too and I’m glad I’ve been able to help you in good times and difficult times! I wish you only the best in your future!


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