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Y’aaallll.  I can’t even tell you how much it means to me that I’ve now been able to capture three precious seasons of life for Monica, Daniel, and miss Avery!  There is seriously nothing more special to me than when one of my couples or families chooses to trust me year after year to capture little slices of their lives.  It’s incredibly humbling, and at the same time it fills my heart to the brim with gratitude.  <3

Monica + Daniel were high school sweethearts, married after college, and became a family when miss Avery arrived two years ago!  It’s been an absolute joy to capture little glimpses of life for them last year when Avery turned one, and now this year as she turns two!  I love seeing how much Avery has grown each year and I love getting to capture Monica + Daniel bringing out the best in her (even if that sometimes looks like bribing her with gummies! haha!).  But seriously, these two are amazing parents and they know just what to do to coax the best smiles and giggles out of this little girl.  To top it all off, this year we had absolutely perfect weather for our session – not quite as bitter cold as last year, and the sun even came out and gave us the most beautiful winter glow at the very end of our session!  We couldn’t have asked for a better evening together.  And before I go on and on about how much I love this little family, how about I just go ahead and show you my faves from this year’s session?!  😉

We started off with a few photos of Avery in her adorable birthday outfit (which Monica made – how talented is this mama?!) with a few sparkly birthday props (which Monica also made!)!

I love this next one of Avery holding one of last year’s birthday photos!

Then Avery changed to coordinate with her mama + daddy and we started the family photos part of our session!


I can’t get enough of Avery’s face in this next shot.  Girl is too cute.


Also, peep Monica + Avery’s matching scarves and Avery’s matching bow!  I. can’t. even.


This next one is one of my top faves from this year’s session!  Love, love, LOVE it!


We switched outfits and drove a few hundred feet to this gorgeous, wide open field just as the sun dropped low enough in the sky to give us beautiful, golden glowy light.  Poor Avery was running out of steam by this time, but Monica + Daniel were patient with me and I’m so, so grateful that they were because we captured some of my favorite images in this field!!!


I couldn’t resist including this next one in the blog – because, life with a two-year-old, am I right??  (have I mentioned Daniel is always such a good sport for our sessions?!)


I always try to grab a few shots of just Monica + Daniel, because after all, this little family started with just the two of them.  And I love, love, love this next one!


Y’all, this LIGHT we had!  I can’t even.


Another fave of Monica + Daniel together!


And one more FAVE to end with:


Monica, Daniel, thank you so much for trusting me to capture the last three years for y’all.  It continues to be the biggest honor, and I’m so grateful!  I absolutely adore being your photographer!  <3



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