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#lifewithteamrickards : asheville, nc getaway


When two of your besties (who also happen to be your go-to travel buddies!) need someone to fill two vacant spots on a weekend getaway – of course, you say yes!  To make a long story short, Megan and Adam had the trip all planned out for themselves and some family members, who ended up not being able to go.  So Jason and I stepped in to make sure the airbnb and two tickets to the Biltmore Estate did not go to waste!  😉

There are a few things Jason & I really like to experience when we travel.  I always want to take in the characteristic landscapes and beauty of the region we’re visiting (bonus if I get to also see some awe-inspiring architecture)!  Jason’s #1 goal is always to find the best local eats (let’s be real, I love that part too).  Jason also really enjoys learning about the historical significance of the places we visit.  And we were definitely able to do all of those things during our whirlwind Asheville visit!

Jason and I got in late on Friday night, so our visit really didn’t begin until Saturday.  After our breakfast of bagels, fresh fruit and yogurt (yum!) that our airbnb host provided, the four of us spent Saturday exploring the magnificent house and grounds at the Biltmore Estate!  They actually didn’t allow us to use our big-girl cameras inside, which was OK with me – it meant that I actually listened to the tour and absorbed what I was seeing!  But here are some of my favorites from our time spent traipsing around the grounds!


This next shot on the left is outside where the grand spiral staircase runs from top to bottom of the home!  It’s just as amazing on the outside as it is on the inside!


I wanted to find a spot with a view that not every visitor to the Biltmore might see … this little spot underneath some low-hanging tree branches was it!


Isn’t she the cutest?!  P.S. besides being my bestie and travel buddy, Megs is also my photographer buddy – we’ve been following these dreams of ours side-by-side for a couple of years now!  Check her out here!


This next shot is actually from one of the balconies of the house … can you imagine soaking in this view with your morning coffee???


We grabbed a couple of iPhone snapshots with this gorgeous view!!myers-rickards-asheville-adventures_0019.jpgrickards-myers-asheville-adventures_0017

And then there’s the most beautiful walkway with a canopy of wistaria overhead – kiiiind of a photographer’s dream!


I mean.  How could we NOT take a few quick portraits here, am I right??  This is just what happens when two photographers go on travel adventures together… bless our husbands.


She’s so preeeetty!


This next one on the left is a FAVE!  Gah, all the heart eyes!  Megs, you’re gorgeous.  : )


Aside from the house itself, there’s also a conservatory and beautiful gardens that we got to explore!


Aaaand Jason had to photo bomb at least once. Side note, I have no idea what’s going on with Adam’s face here…


We had dinner at a farm-to-table restaurant in downtown Asheville, called The Table.  The industrial-modern atmosphere and the unique (and super tasty!) seasonal dishes their menu offered definitely made this a memorable place to eat.  (This might not be the best place for dinner with the kiddos, but definitely a great place for a dinner date if you’re hoping to find something you’ve never tried before!)  Then we set out on foot to find Double D’s Coffee – a double decker bus that has been given a second life as a cafe & bakery!  I had my first authentic macchiato since our trip to Italy last fall – and I was in heaven!


We ended the trip the next morning with brunch at Tupelo Honey, and y’all.  It was SO delicious!!  They bring you a biscuit with tupelo honey and fresh fruit preserves before you even order – YUM!  Jason is a bit of a honey connoisseur, so he was pretty much in heaven.  We will absolutely be going back there if our travels ever take us through Asheville again!

Friends, what’s the most recent getaway you’ve taken?  Would you go back?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!!  Thanks for sharing our adventures with us by following these posts – y’all are just the best!

  1. Joyce Wilson says:

    I love your posts! Our last get-away was to Smith Mountain Lake and we’d definitely like to go back and explore more of the area! I want to go back to the Biltmore too!!

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