samantha {snowy mini-session}


I’m so glad this sweet girl was up for a spontaneous snowy mini-session earlier this year!  I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of winter – BUT, even I can’t argue with the fact that there’s something special about snowy portraits, and I couldn’t resist at least one snowy mini-session this year!  Jason and I have known Samantha’s family for a long time, and I’ve had the joy of watching Samantha grow into the beautiful person (inside and out!) that she is today.  This girl is smart, thoughtful, and has an unassuming way about her that puts others at ease when they are around her.  She’s a joy to be around, and I loved having her in front of my camera for a few minutes in the pretty winter wonderland that was her back yard!

I’m so happy to finally be sharing these with y’all!  Enjoy some of my favorite shots of this beautiful girl!!


Samantha.  You. are. so. PRETTY!


GIRL.  You make it look easy!


Seriously, Samantha, WOW.  You nailed a model face in this next one… and I love itttt!


And I’ll end with another one of my faves!  Samantha, seriously. stop it.


Thank you, Samantha, for being willing to traipse around in the snow with me for a few minutes!  I loved it!  And if I do say so myself… I think it was 100% worth it!  You’re gorgeous!  xoxo ❤


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