parsons family

IMG_6878 As long as it’s taken me to get this post on the blog, this family has already grown by one little member!  I had the privilege of catching some family/sibling/maternity shots for them just weeks before baby Oliver’s arrival and am super excited to share them with you!

um, can we talk about some good-looking kiddos? …

and how cute is Maranda at 8(ish) months pregnant?!  with her perfectly adorable baby bump?!

loved these next shots of Chloe and Landon!

and this one of all 3 kiddos!

and these of Stratton and Maranda (and Oliver)!  so precious…

one more family shot!

aaaaand I’m going to end with what’s probably my favorite shot of the whole day…

Thank you, Brandon, Maranda, Chloe, Landon, and Stratton!  Love y’all!


One Comment on “parsons family

  1. Love them all! You did such an AMAZING job! Thanks so much! We love you too Lindsey!

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