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ashley, jack + baby eli | lifestyle in-home newborn session

Okay, y’all, I just have to start off by saying that Ashley is one amazing mama.  For many reasons – the first of which being that she (with the help of her own mama) delivered baby Eli at home, even though that wasn’t where she’d planned for his birth to take place.  How does that happen, you might ask?  Well, when it’s your second baby and your body is exceptionally quick about labor … sometimes it happens so fast (only two hours from start to finish! 😳) that you just can’t make it to the hospital.  In her own words, Ashley “thought I had more time!!!”  She said that when the hospital staff asked if she’d planned a home birth, she said, “NO!  People who plan for home births have pools, and a support team, and things.  I didn’t have things!”  Have I mentioned she also has a great sense of humor?  She had me cracking up as she regaled me with the story of Eli’s birth.

How else do I know she’s an amazing mama?  Simply by watching her with her boys during the brief but sweet time I spent in their home with them for Eli’s newborn session.  Poor Jack (her oldest) was feeling a little under the weather that day, and Ashley was so patient and attentive with him – even though she also had this brand new little baby who also needed all the care and attention that a one-week-old needs.  Not to mention, the sleep deprivation you’re dealing with when you have a one-week-old baby in the house!  But this mama was genuinely so patient and kind and gracious with her boys and it was just a pleasure to spend a few hours with them and capture a little glimpse of life in this season for them.

And I am SO, so excited to share my faves today from our time together!

First, how sweet is this Winnie the Pooh nursery?!  (Honestly, every room in Ashley’s house was styled so well!)


Ashley’s parents even hopped in for a few photos with their daughter + their grandsons!

This next shot on the left is such a fave!  Mama + both her boys. 💙💙

I always feel lucky when I’m able to capture these little newborn yawns (below) … they’re just the best!

Aaaaand I’m basically obsessed with his sweet shot up next on the left!

Love this next shot of Eli … GAH those squishy newborn cheeks!!!

Another mama + baby boy fave up next in black + white. 🥺😍

Another mama + baby Eli fave (below).  Apparently I have a lot of those!!

I just have to end with another itty bitty baby yawn and those itty bitty baby toes! 😍😍😍

Ashley, I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know you + your boys during our time together!  Thank you so much for trusting me to capture this season of life for you (and for inviting me into your home to do so!) – it was such a pleasure!


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