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megan | radford university senior


Y’all, I had SO much fun photographing Megan’s senior portraits!  Probably because from the moment I met Megan, she instantly felt like a friend.  She’s got a sweet, bubbly personality and a contagious smile, and it was such a joy spending the evening with her (and her boyfriend, Ryan)!  Megan is graduating from Radford’s nursing school in just a few weeks, and she chose to incorporate a few personal elements into her session that I absolutely loved!  She brought along almost all of her textbooks from her nursing school career (just wait until you see how many there were – this girl worked HARD for her degree, y’all!!) as well as her stethoscope and her cap + gown!  And Ryan was ready + willing to carry it all around campus for us!  (Thanks Ryan!)  He was even happy to jump in a few photos with Megan, since their story began at Radford and they’ll both be graduating this May!

In case you can’t tell by the way I’m gushing over this session, it was super hard to choose favorites!  (aka, the best problem a photographer can have.)  BUT I did choose favorites, and I’m so excited to share them with y’all.  Enjoy some of the highlights of my time with Megan + Ryan!


Megan has already accepted a position as a NICU nurse, so she added a few NICU details to her cap (above!)!

And don’t be fooled … the stack of textbooks in the next photo is only about 1/3 of the books Megan has!  We waited until the end of the session to break them ALL out.


I loved this spot by the fountain on Radford’s campus!  (also, confession.  I’ve lived in the NRV for almost 10 years, and I had never set foot on Radford’s campus before this week!  and I’ve got to say, it’s definitely getting added to my list of favorite session locations in southwest Virginia!)

Y’all, how cute are these two??


I love this next shot so much … Megan just looks oh-so-classy and poised, doesn’t she?


Of course, we had to spend a few minutes by Waldron Hall … the center of Radford’s nursing school!


I love this next frame, too.  I feel like this is how we spent her whole session – laughing!


This next one … MEGAN!  You’re gorgeous, girl.

(another confession:  I had serious eyelash envy editing these.  I mean, can you blame me??)


We were running out of time (and by time, I mean daylight) but we scooted on down to Bisset Park just in time for that last bit of golden hour sunshine glow, and a few super adorable sweetheart portraits of these two!  GAH!

(p.s. didn’t they coordinate their outfits flawlessly?!  Y’all.  #goals)


And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for … ALL the textbooks, in one photo!


Megan, congratulations, girl!  You have worked so hard to get to this point, and I know I’ve only spent a few hours with you, but I already know you’re going to be an absolutely amazing NICU nurse!  I so enjoyed spending the evening with y’all and I wish you the very, very best beyond graduation!

  1. Joyce says:

    Oh my goodness! What a great photo shoot. I loved the details she brought and the books—😳! I loved her dress too. Great shoot lindsey!


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