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savannah + matt | claytor lake sweetheart session


Savannah and Matt have been dating for several years now, but didn’t have any professional photos together and they decided this was the year to do it!  We met up at Claytor Lake State Park (one of my favorite places to spend a summer afternoon!), found some pretty, tucked-away little spots to shoot at during the first part of our session, and then ended on the sand right in front of the water!  They brought their shelty pup, Madeye, who (of course!) made quite a few appearances throughout our session!  Have I mentioned that I love including fur babies in sessions?  😉  Partly because I just love dogs, but also because those moments always end up being some of the most treasured images from the session!  Our pets hold such a special place in our hearts, and I’m all about making special memories with them!

Before I get to rambling, how about I share some of my favorite images from Savannah & Matt’s session with y’all?  😉


How adorable is Savannah in this next shot on the right?!  I love it.


This next one on the right is one of my FAVES!  I can’t help but smile along with these two every time I see it. 😉


We had an uncharacteristically warm October day for our session, so they were able to kick those shoes off and take a barefoot stroll through the sand …


Also, have you ever tried to snuggle up close on a floating boat dock?  Not easy.  These two were troopers!  Haha!


This next one is another of my faves!!  I asked Matt to twirl Savannah and after he twirled her, he brought her in close for a little kiss!


And they did some slow dancing and snuggling by the water!  😉


This next one is definitely another fave!  Such a sweet little moment!


I’ll end with two more of my FAVES!  I’m basically obsessed with this shot on the left (all the heart eyes!), and then I love how perfectly Madeye sat and looked right at the camera for the shot on the right!


Savannah, Matt, thank you for trusting me to capture this season for y’all!  I hope these images always bring back the best feelings from this time in your lives!  🙂

Big hugs!


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