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LRP “Yes!” List : part 1


Ahhh, y’all, this is a post I have been wanting to write for months!!!  (And if you’re sitting there like, what the heck is a “yes!” list (and did you just make that up, Lindsey)?! – yes, I did make it up and I promise I’ll answer that question for you!)

I have been blessed with the absolute sweetest clients and some of the most enjoyable weddings and sessions over the last couple of years, and I am SO, so grateful for that! I have absolutely loved getting to know each of my sweet couples and families, and having the privilege of capturing moments they will treasure forever. Some days I can’t even believe how fortunate I’ve been to have worked with people I really truly adore and would now consider friends! How fortunate I am that they trusted me enough to invite me into their stories and allow me to capture glimpses of their lives together. Their trust in me has allowed me to learn and grow as a photographer, and I am so incredibly grateful for that!

As I’ve grown more confident in my aesthetic style, and as I’ve grown comfortable in my own creative skin, I’m finding that I’m wanting to push the boundaries of my comfort zone a little. I’m finding that the little creative corners of my heart pitter-patter at the thought of capturing stories in ways I may not have done before!  I’ll randomly find myself thinking, “Gosh, if I had the opportunity to shoot a __________, I would just love to say ‘yes’ to that!!!” And it occurred to me a few months ago that I should totally share this “Yes!” list of mine on the blog!

So, today I’m sharing five types of sessions/events that have been on my heart over the last few months! There may be couples and individuals out there who would really be blessed and encouraged by one of these 5 types of sessions/events, and I would just love to be the photographer they trust to capture these moments for them!

So here’s part 1 of the LRP “Yes!” list:

1. Styled Newlywed Session


This one has been so strongly on my heart! Y’all, weddings are expensive. And the reality is, 8 to 10 hours of coverage by a professional wedding photographer is an investment that not every couple can make for their wedding day. But I think every couple deserves to have beautiful “wedding” portraits to be able to display in their home and put in an album for their babies and grandbabies to treasure one day! A styled newlywed session is the perfect way to do this! It is an opportunity for a newly married bride & groom to wear their wedding day attire one more time (maybe even get hair & makeup done and pick up a bouquet reminiscent of her wedding day florals!), and spend an hour or so flirting and giggling and slow dancing in front of the camera. They’ll walk away with beautiful portraits their families will treasure, for the investment of an anniversary session!

While a newlywed session is truly not a substitute for having a photographer there on the wedding day to capture each of the carefully chosen details and the many sweet moments that transpire as the day unfolds, my heart for this session is that it would be a blessing to a couple whose wedding day passed without any (or maybe very few) bride & groom portraits that captured their relationship in a way that is timeless, joyful, and authentic to them.

2. Small Business Owner Session


I absolutely loved photographing this team head shot session for the amazing ladies at Chantilly Lace Bridals back in March, and it’s made me realize how much I would love to capture images for other creative small business owners (#bossladies!) more often! This could be anything from just a head shot session, to a combination head shot + lifestyle or behind-the-scenes session showcasing what the everyday looks like for a wedding planner, blogger, shop owner, calligrapher, or fellow photographer! If you’re a fellow small business owner in some sort of creative or wedding-industry field and you’ve found yourself needing fresh, authentic images of you and your process, then let’s definitely chat soon! 😉

3. Anniversary Session (20+ years)


Y’all, this is another one that has really been on my heart! A marriage that has stood the test of 20, 25, 30 or more years is such a treasure and I feel so strongly that it is something that should be honored and celebrated. It may have been years or even decades since a couple at this point in their love story has been dressed to the nines and spent time in front of a camera, just the two of them.  This is the perfect opportunity to dust off his best suit (or invest in a new one!) and rent a show-stopping gown from Rent the Runway, to mark the milestone of 20 or more years of life side by side!  What an incredible honor it would be to capture a love story 20 or 30+ years in the making!

4. Personal Stylist Session


If we’re friends on instagram, you probably already know that personal style is another creative outlet for me.  So the fact that I would love to photograph a session to showcase a personal style brand + merchandise for a fellow small business owner who sells clothing / accessories (think Lula Roe, Stella & Dot, etc) probably will not surprise anyone!  I think it would be so fun to be able to get a little creative with this and highlight multiple different outfits or items over the course of a session, and provide images this consultant could use on her website and/or social media to promote her products!

5. Romantic Elopement


Can I just say that I think elopements can be super romantic?! (And they can be super elegant and classy, too – I mean, check out this stunning NYC elopement captured by Abby Grace Photography. All the heart eyes, am I right??) When a couple has decided to elope, their priority is clear: they just want to be husband & wife. They’ve chosen to forego something that our culture holds in very high esteem (a “traditional” large wedding celebration) in favor of an intimate gathering with all of its focus on the most important element of that day’s events – two becoming one. And honestly, I think sometimes these couples question whether it’s “worth” having a professional photographer capture their day. I might be a little biased, but my answer would always be a resounding “YES, it is worth it! YOU are worth it.” This is the beginning of your life together. The first day of your forever. The day you will tell your children and grandchildren about for years to come. The day you were a bride and a groom. And it deserves to be documented. I have wedding packages that were created just for the couple who has decided to elope – who have chosen to have an intimate ceremony (with fewer than 15 guests and without a formal reception), that they know they want to remember for the rest of their lives. Friend, if that’s you, hop on over to the contact page and send me a little note so we can talk about your wedding day!

If you’ve stuck with me to the end of this post, THANK YOU so much!!! I can’t tell you how honored I am that you would spend a few minutes catching a glimpse of what’s been on my heart lately. I’m guessing you may have even stuck with me because one of these types of sessions is something that’s been on your heart, too – if so, tell me about it! I would absolutely love to chat with you about your session. Or maybe you know someone else who would be so blessed by one of these! Feel free to share this post with them!

And friends, if you enjoyed today’s post, you might want to stay tuned for part 2 of this “Yes!” list – a list of specific locations (some right here in southwest Virginia, and others a little farther away) that I would love to showcase during a session!  Can’t wait to share those with y’all!

  1. Joyce says:

    Great ideas!! We’ll have you do a spread on our small business once we have some houses built…afterall, after the wedding a home purchase is on the horizon, right?!

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