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jessica + daniel | ranch wedding in okeechobee, fl

jess-&-dan-featured_0002In case you didn’t know, Dan is my hubby’s brother!  So this was an especially-anticipated wedding for Jason and me (and the rest of the Rickards family!).  Dan is not the youngest of Jason’s siblings, but he was the last one to tie the knot.  (Which is always kind of special, am I right?  Like finding that last piece of a puzzle, the one that finally makes the big picture whole!)

And while a wedding is always a good reason for celebration in any family, this union in particular was cause for celebration because it truly is a testament to the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.  I won’t go into the raw details, but I will tell you that Dan and Jess both have experienced their share of life’s peaks and valleys in recent years.  And the precious thing about their story is that this marriage between them, this new journey they have chosen to embark on, this new family they are allowing God to knit together, is a beautiful realization of the redemption that has taken place in both of their lives.  It’s evidence that we are loved by a God who does not abandon us, and who works all things for our good.  A Father who cares so deeply about us that He reaches down into our mess, picks up our broken pieces, and gently restores our hearts.  And Jason and I are so glad we were able to bear witness to this day with them.

Jess, Dan, we love y’all and we are so glad we were able to celebrate with you!  I hope you enjoy re-living your wedding day as you look through some of my favorite images!  🙂


Aren’t her flowers stunning?!  They were arranged by a very good friend of Dan’s, who also happens to be the wife of the minister who led Jess & Dan’s ceremony!  Y’all, she needs to go into floral design, doesn’t she??


I love how Diane is just quietly admiring her beautiful daughter in this next shot on the left!


This next shot is one of my favorites of the girls!


The driveway of the house where the girls got ready had the most quintessentially southern trees bordering it – beautiful, old live oaks draped in spanish moss.  The light shining through behind the trees was perfect, so of course I had to shoot these gorgeous ladies in front of them!  I. was. in. heaven!


Aaaand how about this sharp-looking group of guys?!  Dan bought black ball caps for all of the guys to wear, and if you know the Rickards boys, you know this decision was appropriate.  Haha!


Ahh, these girls!  Every last one of them is gorgeous, aren’t they??  And now three of them are my sisters-in-law!  🙂


The girls rented the gray dresses from Union Station, and Jess’s dress was handmade by a seamstress in Okeechobee!


I think this next shot is one of my favorite bridesmaid photos ever!  everything about this image is gorgeous!


There aren’t many recent photos of all 4 of these guys together, so now that the boys’ dad is living close by, we snag a shot of all of them every chance we get.  😉


Jess and Dan’s venue (Freedom Ranch) had a big pavilion with picnic tables, and they chose to have both their ceremony and their reception in that space!  They had picnic table seating for both, so guests didn’t even have to find new seats for the reception!


Their whimsical, rustic decor went perfectly with the rest of the atmosphere at Freedom Ranch!


Jess has two boys and a little girl, and I love this shot of her youngest, Trayvin, on Dan’s lap just before the ceremony started.


And they’re MARRIED!


And now these 5 are a new little family.  🙂


Yes, my husband and John Michael (youngest of the Rickards boys) traded their ball caps in for cowboy hats after the ceremony ended.  I mean, it is a ranch wedding after all.  😉


And we had just a few minutes as the sun was setting to grab our bride & groom portraits!


I LOVE this next shot on the left!  That spot on the road was the last place we shot portraits, and I am SO glad we made it over there, because some of my FAVES are in that spot!!


Because there’s nothing quite as adorable as a groom twirling his new bride.  🙂


Aaaand another one of my FAVES here on the right!


Two more faves!!


And ending portraits with another fave – I just LOVE this next shot!  So sweet, so joyful, so romantic. <3


Then we headed back to the pavilion for the reception!!  Their cake was made by the owner of a local bakery & cafe, Nutmeg’s – not only was it gorgeous (!!), but each layer was a different flavor and they were ALL delicious!  (perks of being photographer & family = you get to take the left over cake home! haha!)


I loved their sweetheart table!


Jess, Dan, we love y’all and we are so happy for you!!!

  1. Dean Evans says:

    Wow, absolutely one of the most beautiful weddings that I’m so sorry I didn’t make it to 🙁
    Congratulations Jessica and Daniel!
    Jessica, Rosalia and I haven’t had the pleasure to meet you yet but the love you and Daniel have together is very evident in these stunning photographs. You all are a beautiful family and I pray God bless you richly in all ways. Hope to see you all soon.
    Dean Evans

  2. Cindy Maynard says:

    I was glad to be there & celebrate with this family. I must say that these photos & the story that you wrote has been the most beautiful that I have ever seen. You are an amazing photographer

  3. Lauralee says:

    Lindsey I was saddened that I was not able to attend this beautiful day of miracles. So I want to say Thank You So much for “taking me there” with your wonderful description of the ceremony and stunning photos!!! So happy for these precious two!

  4. Jolene says:

    There wasn’t one picture that I didn’t look at. Every picture shared that special moment of each smile, each step, touch, and happy tear. I loved how delicate but joyous the wedding and t photography was. God bless jessica and Dan on their beautiful journey.

  5. Jolene says:

    There wasn’t one picture that I didn’t look at. Every picture shared that special moment of each smile, each step, touch, and happy tear. I loved how delicate but yet joyous the wedding and the photography was. God bless jessica and Dan on their beautiful journey.

  6. Shelly Clark says:

    These photos are absolutely precious… They show such much sweetness, happiness and love….thanks for sharing this amazing beginning of their Happy ever after….. You have been truly blessed with a gift of capturing moments…Congratulations to Jessica and Daniel!!

  7. Denny Hays says:

    I am so very proud and honored to be a friend of this fandom young man and to now have his wonderful wife added to this special friendship! Both of you inspire me so much! Thank you for being so special to me!

  8. Denny and Maggie says:

    It was such a pleasure to work and be a part of this special and truly awesome couple. I know God had this in store for this couple. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and captures the deep and kind love they share for the rest of their lives. We love you so much.

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