samantha {class of 2017}


Y’all, I just can’t say enough good things about this girl!  She is smart, she’s motivated – she’ll be able to do anything she sets her mind to!  She’s compassionate and she is mature beyond her years.  She carries herself in a quiet, steadfast way that immediately puts you at ease when you are around her!  She is a treasured friend to so many people.  And she is a precious daughter whose parents are so very proud of her!  Not to mention, she is gorgeous!!  Gah, Samantha, you just make it too easy for me!  But don’t take my word for it – check out my favorites from this beautiful fall session!

I had to start with this one – I mean, seriously.  that light?  the perfect beyonce wind?  samantha’s beautiful, soft smile?  ALL. the. heart eyes.


Have I mentioned that Samantha absolutely NAILS a model face?  I mean, this next shot on the right?  I’m a little jealous.  😉


Gah, again with the wind!  I know it was a little chilly (sorry, Samantha!), but in my opinion, it was worth it – it looks AMAZING!


Love, love, love this shot on the left!


For some reason, I’m a little obsessed with this black & white on the right… so pretty, Samantha!


SAMANTHA!  Oh my gosh, you’re so gorgeous!


I loved her second outfit – the perfect cozy outfit for a fall session!


We had so much glowy light for her session!  I was in heaven!


Oh, this next one is such a favorite!


Samantha, seriously.  this next one on the right… model status.


Love this beautiful smile!


Gah, this next one. FAVE!


Here’s that model face again!  Seriously, though, Samantha.  You’re gorgeous.


Samantha, thank you so much for spending the afternoon with me and letting me capture this year for you!  I am so glad I can call you my friend, and I hope you know (seriously) how precious you are!  Can’t wait for your spring session, girl. ❤


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