emily & hunter {shawsville, va engagement}


Ahhh, these two!  I just adore them.  They are one of those couples who, once they were engaged, decided they didn’t want to wait 6 months or a year to tie the knot!  Hunter popped the question at the end of July, and they’re getting married on October 16!  While that may not be an ideal plan for every couple, it’s so easy to see that it’s the best choice for these two.  They adore each other, and they’re just ready to be husband and wife.  And I love it!  Their wedding is going to be breathtaking, not because of a stunning dress or a beautiful venue (although it will have those too!) – but because of how evident their joy is when they’re together.  It is precious, and I’m so honored to be the one to capture it!

I had the hardest time narrowing down my favorites for this post, because it seemed like every shot was a favorite!  Emily, Hunter, I hope you love these as much as I do!  Y’all seriously made it too easy for me!  I absolutely cannot wait to do this again on October 16!


Emily & Hunter chose to have their engagement at Alta Mons summer camp in Shawsville – I LOVE shooting at Alta Mons because there is such a variety of locations to choose from!  Aaaand I especially love when couples are willing to get their feet wet in the creek … so worth it, am I right??


SO many giggles during this session!  When Emily said “I’ve never heard Hunter giggle this much!” 5 minutes into the session, I knew it was going to be a good one.  😉


We made our way from the creek bank to this little spot near the pond, and OH. MY. GOSH. the light here was incredible!  So they did a little slow dancing…


and twirling… 🙂


I seriously don’t think they ever stopped smiling at each other … and I loved it because it’s just so true to who they are together!


Also, can we just talk about how pretty Emily’s blush lace dress is?!  SO soft and romantic!  LOVE.


This next one, y’all.  It HAS to be my #1 favorite from their session!  I just love how genuine their joy is in this moment… and seriously, can you look at this image and not smile??  because I can’t.  🙂


And isn’t Emily’s ring STUNNING?


Then, the moment Emily and I had been waiting for (and walked waaaay back on the Alta Mons property for).  This FIELD!


This black and white shot on the left.  Love, love, LOVE!


Then we made our way back out to the field in the front of the property and snapped a few shots … and these ended up being some of my most favorite ones!


I mean, really, you two.  Just stop it.


This next one is another favorite of mine!


Looooove this black & white!


This next one, too – fave!  Emily, you are gorgeous!


Emily, Hunter, thank you SO much for the honor of sharing this season with you!  I am so excited for your wedding day!


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