stella marie {6 months}


This newly established little family has such a special place in our hearts.  Jason and Jeremy have been close friends since they were roommates 6 years ago!  Katie came into the picture (no pun intended!) a few years ago, and she and Jeremy are just a perfect match!  Jason and I have been able to witness their love story from the very beginning.  Despite a 3(ish) hour distance between us, I’m so grateful that we’ve managed to not only maintain our friendship, but grow it deeper.  We were able to be with them on their wedding day, and we even just HAPPENED to be going on vacation in the same area, on the same week last year – while Katie was pregnant!  … So, of course, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot early maternity pictures for them (you can see those HERE).  A few weeks ago, Jeremy and Katie came up for a visit and we couldn’t resist a quick mini-session to document little miss Stella at 6 months!  Enjoy my faves!

We tried to get this cute little (pinterest-inspired) smiley family shot with everyone laying on the blanket … Stella was not feeling it, but it’s one of my favorite shots of the session because a) it’s real life, and b) I can’t look at it without giggling!

Love these sweet mommy & daddy shots.

Does she not have the PRETTIEST big blue eyes you’ve ever seen??

Thank you, Jeremy & Katie, for another opportunity to document the two of you and your ADORABLE little girl.  We love y’all!!


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