bridal showers! {future mrs myers}

On May 9, I will have the honor of standing beside one of my very closest friends as she marries her soul mate.  And in February and March, Megan’s bridal party and friends and family had the pleasure of celebrating the upcoming big day with her!  Megan has family and friends in two different areas of Virginia, so we held two showers – one close to each group of wonderful ladies!  My two partners in crime (Jessica Clegg and Missy Hughes) did a FABULOUS job with decorations and food and I SO enjoyed documenting both parties!  Hope you enjoy perusing these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

I loved getting to meet some lovely ladies in Megan’s family at our shower in Warrenton!

And y’all, if the food had been up to me?  It would not have been ANYWHERE near as delicious or PRETTY!  I mean, how perfect is this cake?!  Thank you Missy!!!

Um, and these cupcakes?!  HIGH HEELS!!!  Whaaaaa?!

I stole a quick candid while the groom’s momma, sister, and grandmother took a bridal shower selfie… : )

So glad all of these wonderful ladies (and little miss Adeline!) were able to join us!  Side note: Anna, for real, you made a super cute little person.

And, let’s face it.  This post really wouldn’t be the whole truth if I didn’t include these beauts….

Aaaand here is the world’s most vertically-challenged bridal party, EVER.  #truestory

I can’t say it enough, props to Jessica Clegg and Missy Hughes for the pinterest-worthy decor and menu!  LOVE!

We love you, Megs!  So excited for you and Adam to start the most wonderful adventure of your lives together on May 9!


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