comer family


I’m so glad we just happened to be in Myrtle Beach the same week as this wonderful family!  (Seriously, how excited were we when we realized we’d be on vacation the same week and staying within an hour of each other?!)  You may have already seen my post dedicated to Katie & Jeremy’s growing little family, but we couldn’t pass up doing some shots with the rest of the fam since everyone was there!  And they showed up in COORDINATING OUTFITS!  Made my little photographer heart flutter in excitement! … no, seriously.  It did.  And they pulled it off so well!  So enjoy some of my faves from my bonus 2nd post, all from one session!

The patriarch and matriarch of this sweet family…

Jacklyn and Jason – seriously, you have the most cooperative boys I have ever met!  And so stinkin’ cute, all 3 of them!  They gave me perfect smiles every single time!

Can’t forget the classic group shot…


And one family shot under the 2nd avenue pier!


Thank you, Terry, Shellee, Jason, Jacklyn, Weston, Bryson, Trenton, Jeremy, & Katie!  Love y’all!


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